Motorcycle conversion motorcycle fairings PS Design
Welcome to the Internetseite- the company PS-Design Your specialist for flashy motorcycle fairings.
Our company operates in more than 40 years with the development and manufacture of custom motorcycle fairings.

All of our fiberglass parts are shipped  in very good quality. All of our quality parts own material certificates (TUEV) and are available unpainted also.
We also deal with the repair of original motorcycle parts made of ABS plastic and fiberglass, car, truck bumpers, brackets broken headlights etc., mold, motorcycle conversions, repairs of GFK of all kinds, such as. boats,

Our range is very extensive.

Street Fighter lamp masks with and without lights, one-man bench, two man bench with  upholstered panel , cellular rubber for bench can universally adapt to itself or customized due form already for the bench ordered. Streetfighter universal fender, fender for the SC 50 and SC 44, radiator covers, wheel covers , Universal motor spoiler for SC 44 and SC 50, tank Covers for SC 44, SC 50, SC 28 and SC 33

Streetfighter Accessories GFK: skulls, brass knuckles, cartridges, cartridge belts.

For the Cafe Racer scene we have a very large selection of Cafe Racer-1man bench and Cafe Racer 2 man benches in arious versions: with upholstered panel with seat cushions of cellular rubber or complete with storage compartment andseat cushions.