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All of our fiberglass parts are shipped as a black blank in very good quality. All of our quality parts own material certificates (TUEV) and are available unpainted also.

! MASK without headlight!

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2x low beam 1x high beam Projection light 50mm with a shutter for high beam and low beam, H1 55 watt, lens diameter 50 mm, H 20 mm, frame diameter(outer lens) 67 mm, housing length 123 mm(incl. lens 148 mm) width incl. 93mm, with two boreholes 5mm Elliopsoid-searchlight 50 mm with electronically steered screen for high and low beam H1 55 W changed with a magnetically steered screen between high and low both functions are E checked.


max. width: 27,5 cm, max. height: 22 cm, max. depth: 17 cm